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Meet Natalie Manasse; designer, founder and inspiration behind her leading brand, the Manasse Collection. Strength, courage and determination have been the driving forces leading to it’s creation.

Each uniquely designed piece was birthed from Natalie’s life journey. Unexpected life challenges have tried to break her, but she caught back and persevered. Staring into the eyes of judgement and criticism only made her stronger. It’s never been easy, but she has never given up. Natalie created a brand around her identity and the path that she found herself on, capturing all of who she is and what she believes in.

Natalie’s dream,  which others deemed impossible, turned into a reality, creating a leading brand with a unique and unrivalled offering. Manasse was created to help the world understand that no one’s opinions matters, you are your own person with a unique attitude and style.

The Manasse Collection has been created to wear with pride. It’s  about overcoming life’s challenges and being yourself, no matter what others say. It’s being your own  brand, that nobody else can replicate.

Sometimes in life what we fear most is what gives us the drive to succeed.

This is testament to Natalie. This is the Manasse Collection.

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